2014 Eastern Awards Conference/Ashley Jarry

DMC Atlanta's Ainsley Linus & Ashley Jarry

My all-time favorite thing about working with DMC Atlanta is the fact that anyone who works hard sees those benefits AND is recognized for it! Our Account Managers receive merit based promotions, and opportunities to learn about management and development if they meet their goals. Managers receive cash prizes and awards for hitting milestones, and Recruiters even receive awards and Tiffany’s jewelry for their involvement in the expansion and growth of the company. 

We have an annual conference that all of the Managers, Recruiters, Assistant Managers, and Account Managers attend. The purpose of this conference is set out for net-working, learning, and (most of all) to recognize those that are doing big things and going places within our organization. They’re filled with team activities, three-course meals, and motivational guest speakers. Just recently, our 2014 Annual Conference was held at the Hyatt Regency in Orlando, Florida. 

Now, for those of you who have already met me or read my bio on the DMC Atlanta website, I am a Florida native. Naturally, people are excited about going to Florida so you could imagine how happy I was to get back to the tropical weather for a few days! For those of you who are getting to know me for the first time, my name is Ashley Jarry and I am one of the HR Managers at DMC Atlanta’s headquarter office in Atlanta, GA. I was born and raised in sunny South Florida and decided one day, six years ago, to pack up my car and head north. My previous work experience was primarily in the restaurant industry where I gained experience in everything from being a hostess, to a server and bartender, to a manager, and even worked in the kitchen! (Those of you with a similar background know how much experience I gained those 7 years in communication, people-skills, training, managing, and delegating.) 

Three and half years ago, however, I wanted to take my life in a new direction, take control of my future, and wanted the opportunity to prove myself on a daily basis AND be recognized for my achievements in more ways than one. In January 2011, I applied for an Entry Level Account Manager position with DMC Atlanta, and was lucky enough to have been chosen for the Management and Leadership Development program as well. Just 6 short months later I was promoted to my current position, and am happy to say that I’m STILL growing, earning new responsibilities, learning, and have even been given opportunities to be involved with innovation in our organization. Anyone who is lucky enough to work in one of our 40 locations in the country knows how great we are with merit-based growth and recognition on a daily basis. But being recognized on a larger scale, surrounded by 3,000 of your closest friends, can be exciting too! 

That’s just what we are, close friends. I have been able to see some of my (now) closest friends and favorite people grow within the company and build amazing lives for themselves, and pave paths for others. President of DMC Atlanta, Adam Dorfman, was the key speaker for the weekend’s festivities. Justin Sgro, the Manager of our Philly location, and Andres Campanucci, the manager in our Phoenix location were  recognized as a “Rising Stars” during the conference for the growth that not they only shown, but also provided to others as an up and coming partners within our company. Senior Partner, Nelson Figueroa, was chosen to speak to newer Account Managers, who are learning how to manage and develop others, about the importance of consistency and following a replicible system for training purposes. Vice President of Development, Jenna Huss, was also chosen to speak alongside one of our clients, about the importance of recruiting and building relationships. Ainsley Linus and I were awarded for our efforts in the growth of DMC Atlanta. And a couple of our newest managers, Jen Hemelgarn and Nestor Sanchez were recognized for reaching and exceeding goals set for them as well. The list actually goes on, but there are just too many great people to have the time to mention! 

Another amazing speaker that we had the opportunity to listen to and learn from was Eric Greitens. Eric is a United States Navy SEAL, CEO of The Mission Continues, and author of one of our favorite books at DMC Atlanta, The Heart and the Fist. We focus a lot on DMC Atlanta’s “Why” and learning how to identify your individual “Why” and core values. A lot of the time people find that their values entail things such as courage, freedom, individuality, strength, sincerity, evolution, innovation, being genuine, and many more. Most of these are my core values, I’ve come to know as well. However, after hearing Eric’s story I realized that the meanings of courage, freedom, strength, sincerity, etc. have different meanings to different people, and in different situations. They are all valid, and none more important than others. I realized that we must always think of situations from a different perspective, and from the viewpoint of others in order to make true meaning of our values effective and more meaningful. While I may not have to showcase my individual courage, strength, freedom, and individuality in the same way that Eric Greitens and many other US Military members do, I am grateful that DMC Atlanta has been focused on helping me learn what all of these things mean to me, and how to appreciate the values of others. 
--Ashley Jarry

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