DMC Atlanta President Adam Dorfman

DMC Atlanta President Adam Dorfman

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"The Wizard of Oz" - America's Greatest Book on Leadership

I had the opportunity this past weekend to attend a large leadership conference in Atlanta, Georgia where several of our team members were nominated for awards. I was humbled and honored to receive the award for largest organizational growth in a group of over 3000 members.

In listening to the speakers and engaging some of the strongest leaders in the organization, I was reminded of one of my favorite stories in American Literature.

A few years ago, my friend and mentor, Gary Polson, told me that I need to read the book "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz," by L. Frank Baum. I informed Gary that I was quite familiar with the story and had seen the movie dozens of times (perhaps a few of which involved the music of Pink Floyd -- perhaps). He told me to read the damn book. I might just learn something.

We are all familiar with the story - Dorothy, Tin Man, Scarecrow, Lion, Toto, Witches, and the Great and Powerful Oz. What we missed was in the details - Oz is one of the greatest examples of empowerment-based leadership in American History. As the story progresses, we find that Oz has no true powers at all. He is a weak man whose true gift is helping others discover that their destiny and power lie within themselves. The Tin Man, a character who believed he had no heart, was careful throughout the story not to so much as step on an ant for fear of causing harm. The Lion, a character who believed he lacked courage, saved the entire group. The Scarecrow, who thought himself to be brainless, derived solutions to all of the team's problems. And Dorothy, who felt she was just a scared little girl longing to go home, led the team with resolve based on her WIG (wildly important goal) of getting back to Kansas.

It is not the leader's job to motivate, instill, or inspire.  It is the leader's job to help her team find their own motivation, discover their strengths, and realize their potential.

I am including a link to a fantastic BLOG entry on the other great leadership lessons from "Oz." Please take a few minutes to read and respond! 



Sunday, July 15, 2012


In all aspects of life, there are times of self-reflection - those moments where we finally stop running, take a breath, look around, and see where we are. Now is one of those moments.

We have some major changes afoot in the DMC world (of the REALLY exciting variety), and I wanted to take a moment to share them with everyone.

HR Manager Ainsley Linus

First and foremost, we are excited to welcome Ainsley Linus to the DMC Family as our new head of recruitment and HR. Ainsley is a graduate of Auburn University and brings a strong background of administration, training, and recruiting to the DMC team. Welcome aboard!

Since our inception nine years ago, DMC Atlanta has worked to become a major force in the direct marketing/direct sales industry. Because of our membership in outsourcing groups, we are one of many companies brought together annually to celebrate achievements and milestones and to award peak performance.

This year, four members of our management team., myself included, two members of our HR team (including Organizational Administrator Jenna Huss), and twenty of our Senior Trainers are nominated for major awards at the National Conference. Additionally, several of our managers have been invited to speak to the crowd of over two-thousand attendees! I will make sure to post a new BLOG when the results are in.

The upcoming conference and our ninth anniversary (on the 21st of July) are the spark for my recent deep-breath reflections. In working to build our new retail program and to aid in the overall growth of our organization, I had not taken the time to celebrate the achievements of our team, so I wanted to take a few minutes to do so through this medium.


In June of 2011, the national retail team was responsible for 501sales.
In June of 2012, the national retail team was responsible for 3634 sales.

That is an increase of over 680% in ONE YEAR!


In June of 2011, our organization had eleven total offices in seven states.
As of September 2012, our organization will have grown to 31 offices in fourteen states - including Western expansion to Arizona, Colorado, and California.
In the last year, five of our managers/senior-partners have promoted others to management/partnership for the first time in their career - doubling the number of promoting managers in our organization!

Congratulations to our team I could not be more proud of  everyone, and look forward to THIS just being the beginning!