DMC Atlanta President Adam Dorfman

DMC Atlanta President Adam Dorfman

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Drinking The Kool-Aid

As President of DMC Atlanta, I do my best to make sure our team members are consistently learning, growing, and feeling appreciated. I also make sure to keep up with public opinion of our company as expressed through online reviews and private feedback. In doing so, I have noticed a few trends that I wanted to address here so I can share why we do what we do the way we do it. Sometimes, our upbeat, focused, team-oriented (and a little bit weird) culture is something that takes some getting used to. We begin each day with high-energy sales and motivational meetings - designed to educate and empower our team members.  
What we require our team to believe.
People who give our company negative reviews refer to it as "drinking the kool-aid." They say that we have a culture where we push people to think how we think and do strange things, like team goal-setting and accountability, LOUD public recognition when individuals or teams succeed, and promote solely on performance. 
Well - I guess it's true. We do want people to drink the Kool-Aid. We want people to learn to think, speak, and act with a higher degree of intent and positivism than they are accustomed. We want people to believe what we believe - our WHY - that "Every person deserves to be as successful as they want to be, provided they are willing to do the work and make the necessary personal changes."
We don't want to change who people are - their beliefs - their faith - their passions. In fact - we want the opposite: to help them believe more, have more faith, and have more passion - in and for themselves.
We look at our energy as a way to warm up to conquer the day. We work in teams who compete within the office to help the overall team win - and we celebrate independent achievements alongside team victories.  Our morning routine looks something like this:

Team members learning leadership skills at DMC Atlanta
DMC Atlanta Morning Schedule:
10:00 AM - Senior leaders and trainers meet to discuss how best to help new team members and those who need some extra help.
Some team members during drills and daily learning.
10:30 AM - Senior Management (including the owners, Senior Leadership, VPs, and recruiters) are available for 1:1 meetings with ANYONE on our team who wants to meet. We can go over how to improve in sales, help with personal finances, help with leadership or coaching - or just be there to listen. We are here to help everyone on our team improve their lives.
11:00 AM - Leader Meeting for DMC Atlanta's Sales Leaders - where Senior Management teaches leadership skills, team building, finance, business management, and campaign management to our trainers. We teach our leaders to lead and to create opportunity for others. At this time, our new team members are learning basics of marketing, sales, and product knowledge from a successful Sales Leader.
11:30 AM - Team Meetings - Team Leads meet with their teams to go over goals, accountability, and recognition. They also use this time to educate and empower other team members.
DMC President, Adam Dorfman running a morning meeting.
11:40 AM - Games/Warm Up - We play games. In meetings. It's fun, and it gears people up for the day. If you don't want to have fun or you think fun is stupid - don't work here.
11:50 AM - Drills/Workshops - Top Performers teach and share best practices through interactive workshops and practice.
12:15 PM - Morning Meeting and Recognition - Senior Management recognizes top performers and updates the team on special news and goings-on. We also use this time to get the team ready for the day and empower. Since every manager at DMC Atlanta started at the entry level, we all can relate to the day-to-day of each team member.
After our morning meeting, the team is ready to head out and meet with customers - understanding that they get to determine the outcome of their day. It is their choice how successful they will be.
So here's the question - Are we really THAT unique in starting our day with high-energy, upbeat, fun traditions to get our team ready to attack the day and win?
In my opinion - no. The NYSE rings a giant bell at the beginning of every day while a crowd cheers to get energy right on the sales floor. Sports teams psych themselves up through locker room talk and through prayer. One of my all-time favorite examples of this is the All Blacks.
The New Zealand national men's rugby union team, officially nicknamed the All Blacks, represents New Zealand in men's rugby union and is the winning-est team in ANY professional sport - ever. Before every game, the team participates in a ritual dance called a Haka. The idea of the Haka is a unified team dance, utilized to empower the players, intimidate the opponent, and secure victory. At first - it may look a little (a lot?) silly - grown men, dancing and chanting in unison. But here is my question - WHO CARES? The team has fun, works together, and WINS. New Zealand have only ever been beaten by five test nations, and they are the only international team to have a winning record against every nation they have played. They have won 413 of their 538 test matches – 76.77% and have lost at home only 37 times. Check out the video.  The opposing team is trying hard to keep it together, but you can see the fear in their eyes.
In closing - No - we don't dance in unison - but sometimes we do dance.  Sometimes we do sing along, out loud, to the radio.  We do laugh - a lot.  Also - we win.  We win like crazy.  It's all we ever do. (win win win, no matter what). So, cheers - drink up (the kool-aid, that is.)


Sunday, August 17, 2014

The ALS #IceBucketChallenge, Excuses, and Procrastination

DMC Atlanta President Adam Dorfman Responds to the ALS #icebucketchallenge

Throughout the two weeks leading up to August 16th, I received several "nomination" (i.e. dares/bets/challenges/bechawontdoits) to take on the #IceBucketChallenge to raise awareness and money for the ALS Association. The challenge is simple - someone dumps a bucket of ice water on their head and nominates a few other people either to do the dare or donate money to the ALS Association.

The concept seemed like a pretty cool idea, and I had all intentions of donating - and said I would accept the challenge when I had time.  I was traveling a good bit, didn't make it a priority, and, quite frankly, REALLY did not want to dump a bucket of ice water on my head.  My thought was - if I donate, I don't have to do the dare, right?

My mind changed on Friday August 15th.  I was invited to speak at a leadership development conference in Toronto, Canada, along with some good friends I have made over my 12 years in the direct sales industry.  While catching up over a couple of drinks with my friend Katie, one of the people who had nominated me, she started giving me a hard time for not following through, at which time I proceeded to tell her all my "reasons" that I "hadn't gotten to it" - when it dawned on me that I was, for lack of a better way of putting it, completely full of it and just making excuses.

Earlier Friday afternoon I had seen that Bill Gates accepted the challenge (in addition to making, what I would imagine to be, a VERY sizable donation) and proceeded to challenge some heavy hitters to accept the challenge as well.  Once the conversation started, I quickly asked myself, "who the hell are you to say you don't have time to do this if BILL FREAKING GATES can make the time?"

I decided to follow the advice that I am constantly giving my team - If you're going to do something, do it big, call your shot, make no excuses, ask someone to hold you accountable. My friend Vera and I made the decision right then to accept the challenge, donate, challenge others, and do it in a big way - by asking our Keynote Speaker, former Navy S.E.A.L. and bestselling author Eric Greitens to be the one to dump water on our heads.  Once I asked Eric, a man of INCREDIBLE integrity to participate - there was no turning back.

I hope you enjoy the video. Please consider making a donation to this amazing cause.

One final thought: Leadership, by definition, is influence.  Bill Gates is SO influential that he is able to get people like Elon Musk, Ryan Seacrest, and Chris Anderson to participate and donate. While we may not be able to make so grand a statement as influencing heavy hitters to follow us, we each have a daily opportunity to choose how we influence those with whom we are in closest contact.  Choose your actions and words wisely - you never know when you might change the world one little bit at a time.


Sunday, July 20, 2014

2014 Eastern Awards Conference/Ashley Jarry

DMC Atlanta's Ainsley Linus & Ashley Jarry

My all-time favorite thing about working with DMC Atlanta is the fact that anyone who works hard sees those benefits AND is recognized for it! Our Account Managers receive merit based promotions, and opportunities to learn about management and development if they meet their goals. Managers receive cash prizes and awards for hitting milestones, and Recruiters even receive awards and Tiffany’s jewelry for their involvement in the expansion and growth of the company. 

We have an annual conference that all of the Managers, Recruiters, Assistant Managers, and Account Managers attend. The purpose of this conference is set out for net-working, learning, and (most of all) to recognize those that are doing big things and going places within our organization. They’re filled with team activities, three-course meals, and motivational guest speakers. Just recently, our 2014 Annual Conference was held at the Hyatt Regency in Orlando, Florida. 

Now, for those of you who have already met me or read my bio on the DMC Atlanta website, I am a Florida native. Naturally, people are excited about going to Florida so you could imagine how happy I was to get back to the tropical weather for a few days! For those of you who are getting to know me for the first time, my name is Ashley Jarry and I am one of the HR Managers at DMC Atlanta’s headquarter office in Atlanta, GA. I was born and raised in sunny South Florida and decided one day, six years ago, to pack up my car and head north. My previous work experience was primarily in the restaurant industry where I gained experience in everything from being a hostess, to a server and bartender, to a manager, and even worked in the kitchen! (Those of you with a similar background know how much experience I gained those 7 years in communication, people-skills, training, managing, and delegating.) 

Three and half years ago, however, I wanted to take my life in a new direction, take control of my future, and wanted the opportunity to prove myself on a daily basis AND be recognized for my achievements in more ways than one. In January 2011, I applied for an Entry Level Account Manager position with DMC Atlanta, and was lucky enough to have been chosen for the Management and Leadership Development program as well. Just 6 short months later I was promoted to my current position, and am happy to say that I’m STILL growing, earning new responsibilities, learning, and have even been given opportunities to be involved with innovation in our organization. Anyone who is lucky enough to work in one of our 40 locations in the country knows how great we are with merit-based growth and recognition on a daily basis. But being recognized on a larger scale, surrounded by 3,000 of your closest friends, can be exciting too! 

That’s just what we are, close friends. I have been able to see some of my (now) closest friends and favorite people grow within the company and build amazing lives for themselves, and pave paths for others. President of DMC Atlanta, Adam Dorfman, was the key speaker for the weekend’s festivities. Justin Sgro, the Manager of our Philly location, and Andres Campanucci, the manager in our Phoenix location were  recognized as a “Rising Stars” during the conference for the growth that not they only shown, but also provided to others as an up and coming partners within our company. Senior Partner, Nelson Figueroa, was chosen to speak to newer Account Managers, who are learning how to manage and develop others, about the importance of consistency and following a replicible system for training purposes. Vice President of Development, Jenna Huss, was also chosen to speak alongside one of our clients, about the importance of recruiting and building relationships. Ainsley Linus and I were awarded for our efforts in the growth of DMC Atlanta. And a couple of our newest managers, Jen Hemelgarn and Nestor Sanchez were recognized for reaching and exceeding goals set for them as well. The list actually goes on, but there are just too many great people to have the time to mention! 

Another amazing speaker that we had the opportunity to listen to and learn from was Eric Greitens. Eric is a United States Navy SEAL, CEO of The Mission Continues, and author of one of our favorite books at DMC Atlanta, The Heart and the Fist. We focus a lot on DMC Atlanta’s “Why” and learning how to identify your individual “Why” and core values. A lot of the time people find that their values entail things such as courage, freedom, individuality, strength, sincerity, evolution, innovation, being genuine, and many more. Most of these are my core values, I’ve come to know as well. However, after hearing Eric’s story I realized that the meanings of courage, freedom, strength, sincerity, etc. have different meanings to different people, and in different situations. They are all valid, and none more important than others. I realized that we must always think of situations from a different perspective, and from the viewpoint of others in order to make true meaning of our values effective and more meaningful. While I may not have to showcase my individual courage, strength, freedom, and individuality in the same way that Eric Greitens and many other US Military members do, I am grateful that DMC Atlanta has been focused on helping me learn what all of these things mean to me, and how to appreciate the values of others. 
--Ashley Jarry

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Monday, April 14, 2014

My DMC Atlanta Experience\Mike Farris


Georgia bound, My Wife and I moved from Colorado in August 2012. We were ready to leave the cold behind for some warmer weather. We have experienced first hand the kindness of southern hospitality. From day 1 we knew this was the right place for us. We were excited for a new chapter in life to begin.When starting at DMC Atlanta as an account manager, my overall goal was to own a business. Well, with no formal training and not a lot of capital to get started that was a long shot. 

So the main reason why I liked DMC Atlanta was because they said that they had an extensive leadership training program where they would teach someone every aspect of running a business - which, of course, lined up with my long term goal of never having another resume again. Needless to say, I was excited to get started. The management development program has taught me not only practical business skills but overall how to be a better person. 

With everything happening so fast over the last year and 8 months I did not realize how much fun I was having while building lasting relationships. I have learned so much about myself and how to push pass the fear of failure to make it happen. My experiences with DMC Atlanta have been nothing short of amazing. I have traveled to more states and have stayed in more 5 star hotels than ever before. Just some of the amazing places I have visited have been Savannah GA, San Antonio TX, Phoenix AZ, Tampa FL, Los Angeles CA, and back to my home state of Denver CO. All different conferences and all different people, but one thing remains consistent; great memories. 

I have really enjoyed it here and will miss the great relationships and people who help me get to this point in my career. It is a bright future up ahead! I am proud to annouce that we will be expanding to Raleigh, NC in 2 weeks. One of the most influential people in my life once told me “Sometimes you just have to put your head down and grind, and when you finally look up you will be surrounded by success.” Well, I am happy to say we are on our way. I could have not asked for a better expansion team to be by my side while transitioning to Raleigh. I have seen the progress of my team grow drastically into driven young professionals. My team and I will continue working with our client, DirecTV, and will be continuing to grow in the upcoming months.

-Mike Farris

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

DMC Atlanta Promotes Jen Hemelgarn to Management

DMC Atlanta President, Adam Dorfman, with Jen and her team moving to Tampa

On Monday, March 17th, 2014, DMC Atlanta proudly promoted Jen Hemelgarn from Assistant Management to Management - a major milestone and one of the highest levels one can reach in the DMC Atlanta Management Development Program.

Jen joined the DMC Atlanta team as a sales and marketing account manager in November of 2010, earned Assistant Management in 2013, and will be relocating with a team to Tampa, Florida as a senior partner. Jen will be running her own office, representing Verizon on DMC Atlanta's expanding retail program. 

As with any management promotion that involves a relocation, the moment was bittersweet. Since DMC Atlanta is a people-centered program where strong personal relationships among coworkers is highly encouraged, the friendships Jen has formed over the last three years make it difficult to see her leave - but the team could not be happier for her. The entire DMC Atlanta family knows that they are better for knowing Jen and having her on the team.  
DMC Atlanta's Jenna Huss with Jen.
perspective, because she and I don't think alike. More than anyone Jen has taught me to see things in a more linear way. She has greatly improved many of the systems we use and created others. On a personal note, Jen has become one of my best friends. We've had plenty of days and nights talking about hopes, dreams, fears, "what if's" as well as talk of "When we crush this goal"... She and I have gone through a lot together and I'm better for it, personally and professionally. Jen is simply one of my favorite people."

DMC Atlanta Director of Operations, Jenna Huss, says,"Working with Jen has taught me to see things from a different

Thank you for taking the time to read about this landmark promotion at DMC Atlanta - from Account Manager to Managing Partner. You can read more about Jen's own take on her journey at DMC Atlanta here.

Jen with DMC Atlanta President, Adam Dorfman
Jen's team of Sales and Marketing Account Managers moving to Tampa.

Eglah and Erin - two of the Account Managers moving with Jen.

Jen happy her dad came in town for the promotion.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Consistency Leads to Success - Applying the Seinfeld Strategy to Daily Life

With 2014 being well-underway and with an outstanding start to the year under our belts here at DMC Atlanta, I have started planning some summer travel.  In addition to DMC Atlanta's annual manager's trip (which will be in the Bahamas this year!), I have scheduled several trips to the beach with my family. We'll be heading to Charleston with my wife's family, Florida with my mom, and Atlantis in the Bahamas with some friends.

While I travel a good bit for work and play, this summer is going to be extra special. This will be my first set of vacation trips with my kids that my older daughter will be able to commit to memory. As with many people, some of my greatest memories of childhood revolve around trips with my parents and grandparents.  We are very fortunate to have a large family with multiple generations on both sides, and this summer will be the beginning of some incredible memories for my family.

In my preparation for these trips, I began thinking of all of the great pictures I have of beach trips with my family growing up, and, suddenly, the thought hit me - I NEED TO BE OK WITH HOW I LOOK IN THOSE BEACH PICTURES!!! I want to be able to take some pictures on the beach with my kids this summer and be excited for how I look in them - which means I need to get started now.  I work out pretty regularly and eat pretty well, but I know I can do better.

In thinking about how I want to improve my physical health, I came across a very cool article by James Clear about, what he calls, the "Seinfeld Strategy."  (Link to the original article here.) In this article, Clear writes about the key to success in ANY endeavor not being greatness, but being consistency and follow-through - the putting away of procrastination.  He writes that, as long as your actions are meaningful and impactful, it is more important to create great habits, not break the chain, and focus on repetition and practice than on making huge moves in a single day. This is the strategy Seinfeld used to go from a no-name stand-up comic grinding it out on the circuit for seven years to a man worth over $800 Million.

Here at DMC Atlanta, we talk about this daily with our team. As we develop our Sales and Marketing Account Managers into Assistant Managers, Managers, and, eventually, Partners, the DMC Atlanta leadership team works to teach the importance of consistency, practice, great habits, strong decisions, and follow-through.

In my goals for this summer, it occurs to me that the key to hitting the goal of looking good in pictures with my beautiful kids lies in the same strategy - commit to steady, consistent good decisions over time, and don't break the chain.


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My DMC Atlanta Experience - Guest Blogger Jennifer Hemelgarn

In November of 2010, I moved from South Florida to Atlanta. From oranges to peaches, Georgia was somewhere new and exciting! It was also a place where I could not find a teaching position. I graduated from UCF with a degree in Elementary Education and taught elementary school for 6 years. Teaching was a profession in which I thought I would never have difficulty finding a job and much to my dismay and ultimately my luck, I had to find something new to do. So I thought “why not sales?” 

My initial goal was to get some sales experience, seek out an entry level position, and then I would go and get a fabulous pharmaceutical job! Not so much…I had no idea what was in store for me on my amazing journey with DMC Atlanta. What I initially fell in love with were the people. Never had I been in an environment where people were so positive, welcoming, helpful and truly interested in me. My goals were no longer just important to me, but to every person in the office. I walked in hearing upbeat music every morning, there were drills designed to help me get better and make more money, games to get my brain in the game, and motivational meetings daily; I was hooked. 

I have learned more of the past 3 years about myself both personally and professionally than I have in my entire life. Personally I have seen myself grow into a goal oriented, more competitive, and more confident individual. I have learned to want more for me and have higher expectations for myself. Professionally I have changed from someone who wants to be lead, to someone who wants to lead and grow others. I have learned that my enthusiasm, systematic behavior, and creativity make people trust me and want to follow me. All of these have made me into a more well-rounded and happier individual. 

As of now, I am transitioning into my next step in this business. I feel like I am graduating all over again! My team and I get to be a part of the constant growth and new opportunity on a new campaign. I will be opening my office in Tampa, Florida in March - as a Senior Partner representing Verizon - the 16th largest corporation in America. I am honored to be a part of a new campaign and even more honored by the people who have chosen to come along on this adventure with me! I am excited to be a pacesetter and provide opportunity to others in the same way in was given to me. I am thankful for everyone that has helped me along the way and even more thankful that I clicked on the DMC Atlanta link to apply 3 years ago. 

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