My DMC Atlanta Experience - Mike Farris

Georgia bound, My Wife and I moved from Colorado in August 2012. We were ready to leave the cold behind for some warmer weather. We have experienced first hand the kindness of southern hospitality. From day 1 we knew this was the right place for us. We were excited for a new chapter in life to begin.When starting at DMC Atlanta as an account manager, my overall goal was to own a business. Well, with no formal training and not a lot of capital to get started that was a long shot. 

So the main reason why I liked DMC Atlanta was because they said that they had an extensive leadership training program where they would teach someone every aspect of running a business - which, of course, lined up with my long term goal of never having another resume again. Needless to say, I was excited to get started. The management development program has taught me not only practical business skills but overall how to be a better person. 

With everything happening so fast over the last year and 8 months I did not realize how much fun I was having while building lasting relationships. I have learned so much about myself and how to push pass the fear of failure to make it happen. My experiences with DMC Atlanta have been nothing short of amazing. I have traveled to more states and have stayed in more 5 star hotels than ever before. Just some of the amazing places I have visited have been Savannah GA, San Antonio TX, Phoenix AZ, Tampa FL, Los Angeles CA, and back to my home state of Denver CO. All different conferences and all different people, but one thing remains consistent; great memories. 

I have really enjoyed it here and will miss the great relationships and people who help me get to this point in my career. It is a bright future up ahead! I am proud to annouce that we will be expanding to Raleigh, NC in 2 weeks. One of the most influential people in my life once told me “Sometimes you just have to put your head down and grind, and when you finally look up you will be surrounded by success.” Well, I am happy to say we are on our way. I could have not asked for a better expansion team to be by my side while transitioning to Raleigh. I have seen the progress of my team grow drastically into driven young professionals. My team and I will continue working with our client, DirecTV, and will be continuing to grow in the upcoming months.

-Mike Farris


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