Consistency Leads to Success - Applying the Seinfeld Strategy to Daily Life

With 2014 being well-underway and with an outstanding start to the year under our belts here at DMC Atlanta, I have started planning some summer travel.  In addition to DMC Atlanta's annual manager's trip (which will be in the Bahamas this year!), I have scheduled several trips to the beach with my family. We'll be heading to Charleston with my wife's family, Florida with my mom, and Atlantis in the Bahamas with some friends.

While I travel a good bit for work and play, this summer is going to be extra special. This will be my first set of vacation trips with my kids that my older daughter will be able to commit to memory. As with many people, some of my greatest memories of childhood revolve around trips with my parents and grandparents.  We are very fortunate to have a large family with multiple generations on both sides, and this summer will be the beginning of some incredible memories for my family.

In my preparation for these trips, I began thinking of all of the great pictures I have of beach trips with my family growing up, and, suddenly, the thought hit me - I NEED TO BE OK WITH HOW I LOOK IN THOSE BEACH PICTURES!!! I want to be able to take some pictures on the beach with my kids this summer and be excited for how I look in them - which means I need to get started now.  I work out pretty regularly and eat pretty well, but I know I can do better.

In thinking about how I want to improve my physical health, I came across a very cool article by James Clear about, what he calls, the "Seinfeld Strategy."  (Link to the original article here.) In this article, Clear writes about the key to success in ANY endeavor not being greatness, but being consistency and follow-through - the putting away of procrastination.  He writes that, as long as your actions are meaningful and impactful, it is more important to create great habits, not break the chain, and focus on repetition and practice than on making huge moves in a single day. This is the strategy Seinfeld used to go from a no-name stand-up comic grinding it out on the circuit for seven years to a man worth over $800 Million.

Here at DMC Atlanta, we talk about this daily with our team. As we develop our Sales and Marketing Account Managers into Assistant Managers, Managers, and, eventually, Partners, the DMC Atlanta leadership team works to teach the importance of consistency, practice, great habits, strong decisions, and follow-through.

In my goals for this summer, it occurs to me that the key to hitting the goal of looking good in pictures with my beautiful kids lies in the same strategy - commit to steady, consistent good decisions over time, and don't break the chain.