My DMC Atlanta Experience - Guest Blogger Jennifer Hemelgarn

In November of 2010, I moved from South Florida to Atlanta. From oranges to peaches, Georgia was somewhere new and exciting! It was also a place where I could not find a teaching position. I graduated from UCF with a degree in Elementary Education and taught elementary school for 6 years. Teaching was a profession in which I thought I would never have difficulty finding a job and much to my dismay and ultimately my luck, I had to find something new to do. So I thought “why not sales?” 

My initial goal was to get some sales experience, seek out an entry level position, and then I would go and get a fabulous pharmaceutical job! Not so much…I had no idea what was in store for me on my amazing journey with DMC Atlanta. What I initially fell in love with were the people. Never had I been in an environment where people were so positive, welcoming, helpful and truly interested in me. My goals were no longer just important to me, but to every person in the office. I walked in hearing upbeat music every morning, there were drills designed to help me get better and make more money, games to get my brain in the game, and motivational meetings daily; I was hooked. 

I have learned more of the past 3 years about myself both personally and professionally than I have in my entire life. Personally I have seen myself grow into a goal oriented, more competitive, and more confident individual. I have learned to want more for me and have higher expectations for myself. Professionally I have changed from someone who wants to be lead, to someone who wants to lead and grow others. I have learned that my enthusiasm, systematic behavior, and creativity make people trust me and want to follow me. All of these have made me into a more well-rounded and happier individual. 

As of now, I am transitioning into my next step in this business. I feel like I am graduating all over again! My team and I get to be a part of the constant growth and new opportunity on a new campaign. I will be opening my office in Tampa, Florida in March - as a Senior Partner representing Verizon - the 16th largest corporation in America. I am honored to be a part of a new campaign and even more honored by the people who have chosen to come along on this adventure with me! I am excited to be a pacesetter and provide opportunity to others in the same way in was given to me. I am thankful for everyone that has helped me along the way and even more thankful that I clicked on the DMC Atlanta link to apply 3 years ago. 

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