DMC Atlanta Has Hope!

Meet Hope!

DMC Atlanta is excited to kick off March Madness with an awesome new member of our administrative team! All smiles here in the office now that we have Hope!

+Hope Welsh grew up in Chickamauga, a very small town near Chattanooga, which is many times mispronounced.  She attended the University of West Georgia and completed her degree in Psychology in only two years.  While Hope joined the DMC team in June of 2012, she has transitioned into a managerial role, acting as our newest administrative recruiter.  Hope’s philosophy is "work hard and make people smile."  

With her contagious laugh, occasional snort, and incredible work ethic, Hope personifies this every day.  We asked Hope to complete this questionnaire so that everyone can get to know Hope a little better. Enjoy!

(Written by guest BLOGGER and DMC Atlanta Head of HR/Recruiting +Ainsley Linus

Hope's Essentials

1. Monkey cup- What Hope and her husband, Adam, drink out of at home and Hope's Charm necklace- The necklace has three different stones representing each family member's birth stone
2. Hope's Wedding Ring- Austrian Vintage Wedding Ring, priceless; over 100 years old, passed down from her husband's great great grandfather (Sorry, guys! She's taken!)
3.Hollister perfume- The only perfume Hope has worn since middle school! (no joke)
4. Hope's camera- Her go-to. She brings to every important event and believes a picture can capture a memory.
5. iPhone- Hope's IPhone 4. 
6. Hope's favorite running shorts - she loves them so much that she doesn't ever wash them! (kidding . . .)
7. Hope's Bible- What Hope's parents gave her the first time she left home to go to college.  She keeps it at her nightstand and reads from it every night before bed.