Time To Tackle Movember - FACE FIRST!

Today is Halloween. Everyone knows what that means - tomorrow is the beginning of the most wonderful(ly creepy) time of the year - MOvember. Beginning tomorrow, myself along with the other men (and some very furry women - or at least fake-furry) of DMC Atlanta will be taking on MOvember - Face First- for the next 30 days. We're joining the fight against cancers that affect men.

I believe that whenever we have a chance to raise awareness of something that will touch all of us at some point in our lives, it is our responsibility to do so. With great power comes great responsibility, and no power is greater than that of the 'Stache. It's ability to attract strange looks while simultaneously repelling women is unequal to that of any other form of facial expression - except perhaps teardrop tattoos - you know, because that usually means you've killed someone.

You can help in multiple ways:

  1. Join my team! CLICK HERE and become a part of something furry and big - kind of like Mr. Snuffelupagus - but not.
  2. Donate to my page! CLICK HERE to make a donation.
  3. BOTH! (do it . . .)
  4. Share this BLOG on Facebook/Twitter/Flickr/anythingelsethatyoucansharethingson!
I will update this BLOG and our website regularly with pictures and videos, so stay tuned.  Please don't judge our creepiness - but do revel in all things 'MoTacular. 



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