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Having just returned from several trips to visit our offices and clients, I came to a realization:

We are a pretty freaking cool company filled with amazing people.

This wasn't really something new to me, but my visits to Scottsdale and Milwaukee, along with our recent meetings and conferences made me realize that we don't do quite enough to give people the opportunity to get to know us. I know we have the BLOG, we have the website, and we have a strong online presence.

What was missing? - Visuals.

Covers sell books. Period. People pick up magazines and books, buy albums, and even choose to vote for based on appearances.

I decided that we needed to update our cover if we wanted people to read our book. We have great content, but people don't know what they are missing by not getting to know us. Now, we hope, they will take the time to see what it's like to be a part of the DMC Family.

DMC Atlanta Culture

Please take a look at our new Flickr streams (which will be REGULARLY updated) and our new YouTube channel, which will contain both videos we put together and some of our favorite online material - including inspirational and motivational videos, and some other things that we just like - great music, funny videos, and more.