Sometimes Discipline and Happiness Go Hand in Hand

Parker on "PLACE"
Working with my dog, Parker, over the last few weeks has reminded me that, sometimes, the more important we feel, and the more pride we take in our work, the happier we are. As my daughter has become more mobile and capable, Parker has been acting out (namely, peeing all over the basement)-- frustrating the family. It took me a few weeks to realize that I was the problem, not him! 

I was so caught up in trying to balance my roles: husband, father, coach, business owner --  that I forgot to encourage my dog to do what he was DESIGNED to do -- WORK! Without constant challenge, he was getting bored and feeling useless -- leading to destructive behavior. Now that we are challenging his mind and teaching him new commands, he is feeling renewed, and the destructive behavior has stopped. 

No surprise -- it got me thinking about my work. It reminded me that, as a coach who cares about his players, it is important for their own well-being to hold the team to a high standard and to celebrate the victories along the way. Whether it is discipline in the work we do, the food we put into our bodies, staying on a workout routine, or getting things done right because it's the right thing to do, we are at our most serene, confident, happy, and fulfilled place when we go to bed tired at the end of the day knowing we did our best. 

Amazing job to the team at DMC for adapting to change and continuing to shine as we grow and take on new challenges. 

I'm posting a few pictures of Parker's progress for anyone who wants to take a look! 


Parker Staying at "Sit" from 100 Yards

Parker Sitting While Being Attacked by a Bubble Monster


  1. Love the perspective you took on this! You go Parker and congrats to the DMC team!


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