Getting Started

So I’m going to begin my blog by stating that I never thought I’d have a blog. 

I’m not sure why, maybe it’s that the word itself –BLOG—sounds either like a euphemism for pooping or some kind of tree-dwelling slug. 

Or perhaps it is based on my initial notion that a blog is nothing more than an online diary, a place for the artsy-for-artsy’s-sake to express their distrust for the “establishment,” “corporations,” “the man,” or any other in a bevy of often-airquoted words that are misused by people who have an unfounded distaste or distrust for anyone who has achieved more than they have.

I was wrong.

In the last several months, I’ve learned more from BLOGS than from newspapers, online articles from reputable sources, and books combined.

The ability to update in real-time, to face today’s issues head-on, and to voice an opinion, realization, or brilliant idea as soon as it occurs is a true miracle of science.

Plus, I get to use my English degree.

So here we go – I will utilize this space to share stories and ideas in business as well as to lend a voice to my other passions – family, real music, outstanding food, great drink, and the relentless pursuit of fun. Let the games begin.

-Adam Dorfman-


  1. First follower AND first commenter! Woot!

  2. Nice. I'm really looking forward to this.


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