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Achieving Big Picture Goals with DMC Atlanta

  We’ve all heard the notions about achieving goals – goals like losing those final few pounds, paying off the credit card, earning a business promotion, or upgrading the car. However, what is more commonly ignored are those big-picture goals, the goals with less specific guidelines, or less crunched timelines. The concept of a “five-year plan” or a “ten-year plan” is something that is harder for us to conceptualize. Here at   DMC Atlanta , we encourage our team and, now, you to think bigger than the basics. We challenge you to reach beyond what you feel is possible at this moment and manifest larger dreams than ever previously. “If you think small, your world will be small. If you think big, your world will be big.” — Paulo Coelho Think Big, and Let the Small Details Fall into Place The biggest deterrence from long-term and big-picture goals are the minute details. Do you dream of moving across the country? Don’t be immediately deterred by the cost, time, and hassles of a job change.

An Open Book: Learn All About Account Manager, Lauren Maloney

“Believe in yourself! Push yourself to be your best self no matter how long it takes; little wins are huge. Know that you can be anything you want; do it for yourself because you are worth it.” A Marietta, GA, native, Lauren Maloney, has inspired our  DMC Atlanta  team since she started with us this past December. At only twenty-four years old, she has developed an attitude of dedication, commitment, and perseverance. It has been a privilege to work alongside her these past few months and benefit from her exceptional leadership skills! We recently sat down with Lauren and asked her a few questions about her dreams, career, and leadership abilities. Her answers are worth noting and helped us gain a better perspective of why she is as hardworking and people-focused as she is. If you’re eager to learn more about her or want to see what qualities thrive at  DMC Atlanta , this Q&A is for you!! Lauren, with dreams of being a nurse at St. Jude’s growing up, it’s clear that you’ve always h

Henry Ojukwu: Navigating Adversity with Calm and Logic at DMC Atlanta

Meet Henry Ojukwu, a dynamic force at   DMC Atlanta   and a Senior Account Manager. At just 23 years old, Henry’s journey with the company began on November 17, 2023, bringing a unique blend of resilience, leadership, and a profound understanding of life’s challenges. Background and Childhood Dreams: Coming from a Nigerian family but born in New York and raised in Georgia, Henry’s multicultural roots have shaped his perspectives. In his childhood, inspired by life’s challenges, he aspired to save people—an ambition that briefly led him to dream of becoming a firefighter. After high school, Henry pursued a college education, recognizing the profound impact of environment and relationships on personal growth. This transition taught him the importance of those closest to him and the lasting influence of one’s surroundings. Qualities and Skills: Henry’s greatest skill lies in facing adversity with unwavering calm and a reliance on logic. As someone more independently motivated, he values s

DMC Atlanta's Throwback To Love Week

  Love is in the air every week at DMC Atlanta, but during the week of Valentine's Day, we like to show one another how much we care. From little notes to cups of coffee, the small details show you care. Join us in this throwback as we remember our recent Love Week in the office!

DMC Atlanta Travels to Jacksonville, Florida

DMC Atlanta had a great time at the year's first conference in sunny Jacksonville, Florida! We never pass up a chance to explore new places and gain knowledge. We exchanged ideas during networking opportunities while learning from successful businesspeople. We hope you enjoy this recap video of our trip!

DMC Atlanta travels to Los Angeles, California

  Our group packed their belongings and headed to the lovely state of California. We stayed in Los Angeles to catch up with colleagues, hear from prominent speakers, and enjoy California’s beautiful sunsets. Like every work trip, our team learned a lot and has already implemented ideas back into the office! 

Ugly Sweater Holiday Party at DMC Atlanta

  Caption: In case you missed it, during the holidays, our DMC Atlanta team hosted an ugly Christmas sweater party, which was a huge success! In our YouTube video, you can see our night full of games, gifts, and laughs. What a fantastic way to end the year!