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The Business of DMC Atlanta

  We're DMC Atlanta, and we're knocking down doors within our industry. By creating opportunities for our team, we can provide the results our clients are searching for. Through exceptional leadership, we've created a culture perfect for success.  

DMC Atlanta's Manager, Alethea, Shares Her Story

  Coming from a show-business background, Alethea's talents did not go unnoticed or unappreciated. As a recent graduate, Alethea made the life-changing decision to create a career outside of music and began her search for "the next step." As luck would have it, her drive, passion, and love of learning helped her find a life-long career here at DMC Atlanta.

DMC Atlanta's 1st Virtual Conference of 2021

At the start of the year, the DMC Atlanta team attended our first virtual conference of 2021! The perfect opportunity to sharpen our skills, we took complete advantage of this opportunity. For a look at the lessons we learned and some newfound wisdom we picked up, watch this video!

DMC Atlanta's Managing Partner, Leon Butts

DMC Atlanta's Managing Partner, Leon Butts, knows what it takes to be a leader. Just take a look at his incredible results since joining our company. We are so proud of his work ethic, drive, and willingness to lead by example. Join us as we take a minute to feature him with our latest video. 

Shilan Shares Her Growth At DMC Atlanta

     "I was looking for an environment where if I'm putting in the hard work, and I'm showing my performance, I am able to grow as much as I can." - Shilan Parham, Manager at DMC Atlanta  Shilan found just what she was looking for and created a long-term career at DMC Atlanta, where she is growing and influencing future business leaders. Her role as a manager is vital to our company's success, and as a formidable leader in our business, we invest in her potential and development every day. Learn about why she choose DMC Atlanta in a recent testimonial now on YouTube!  

New DMC Atlanta Video Coming Soon!

    When you are as determined and committed as the DMC Atlanta team, nothing will prevent you from reaching success. Earlier this year, we had Armaloo, a videography team, film a day-in-the-life video, and the trailer they sent is as amazing as we hoped. Get excited with us, and stay tuned for the full video coming soon on YouTube!

DMC Atlanta Reviews

Betty Thompson once said, "Culture is what motivates and retains talented employees". Our company culture and the familial environment we have cultivated at DMC Atlanta are second-to-none. We strive to help people achieve not only professional growth but personal growth as well. Our most important goal is not financial success but success by creating leaders of young men and women. Development is the only goal that matters, and everything we have achieved in our almost 20 years is a by-product of creating and fostering a culture of growth and development of others. So when we get to make videos of our team leaving positive reviews about their opportunity and experience with us here at DMC Atlanta, it means everything to us.