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DMC Atlanta Introduces Our Core Values Part One

 DMC Atlanta has a set of basic beliefs that help to bring our team together. After all, excellent teamwork requires everyone to be on the same page. To demonstrate our strong principles, we've created a two-part series dedicated to what we care about the most. Check it out, and don't forget to stay tuned for part two!

Working at DMC Atlanta

  Providing our team members with a work culture that promotes a healthy lifestyle, mentally, spiritually, and physically, is a top priority at DMC Atlanta. Our Founder, Adam Dorfman, has committed to emphasizing our people's individual happiness through a series of health-focused programs. Gain a clearer understanding of the work-life balance we provide now!

DMC Atlanta's Business Mentality with Founder, Adam Dorfman

     Generating sales and being brand ambassadors are just the beginning when describing the opportunity DMC Atlanta offers. Our Founder, Adam Dorfman, has shared the bigger picture of our company and how our business mentality aims to do much more than just conduct and teach sales. Learn more about our "true growth mindset" on YouTube!

Opportunities at DMC Atlanta

  Continuous success requires continuous action! At DMC Atlanta , we have excelled for the past 18 years, thanks to our team. Between our morning meetings, training systems, family-oriented environment, and resilient personalities, there was never an obstacle too big for us to tackle. We are opportunity-driven and are tackling the second half of 2021 with one word in mind - growth!

Working at DMC Atlanta Have you ever wondered what it must be like to work for us? Well, now you don’t have to! Check out our blog on life at DMC Atlanta!

Recruiters Conference 2021

Our prestigious HR Team, Tia and Julia, were invited to our industry's Recruiters Conference virtually. During the event, they shared their knowledge with others and learned from colleagues from all over the country!  x

Testimonial From Our Managing Partner, Ganessa

Today we are shining a light on our Managing Partner, Ganessa Pickens! Ganessa has first-hand experience with our company regarding growth and expansion and is a testament that you can have a great career while helping others build theirs. Learn what she has to say in our latest YouTube video.