DMC Atlanta President Adam Dorfman

DMC Atlanta President Adam Dorfman

Monday, October 22, 2012

Work Hard Play Hard - With Guest Blogger Angel Jacome

All - After a recent conversation with current assistant manager and future managing partner, (as of November 7th!) Angel Jacome, I have invited Angel to be our guest blogger for the week. Please take a few minutes and read about his adventures in DMC from the last few months.

Angel Jacome
--Hello everyone, I hope that wherever you are when you are reading this you are having as good of a time as I am. I'm not a big blogger, but when I approached Adam Dorfman to tell him how excited I am about DMC’s growth, recent travel opportunities, and my upcoming move to open a new office in St. Louis, Adam asked if I would be a guest writer on his blog, so here we are.

We have had a record breaking year and have been blessed with tremendous growth. Because of this, we have gotten to take a few extra trips lately and that is what I wanted to share with you. In September, we had the opportunity to travel to South Beach for 5 day for a trip of some work and a lot of R&R. We stayed at the Eden Roc in Miami along with the hotel’s only other guests for the weekend – the entire Kardashian Clan! Now, I am not a fan of any of their shows, but everyone was very excited to see them there. Growing up in Caracas, Venezuela, I never imagined I would be sharing a four star hotel with the rich and famous.

On Saturday, managing partner, Michael Cosper and I chartered a boat and went deep sea fishing! This was a first for me, and I had no idea what to expect – but we ended up catching a shark – yet another first!
It was a great trip, and we had an amazing time. We came back to Atlanta for a day, and then Mike and I jumped back on a plane to St. Louis, MO for a whirlwind office space and apartment tour to prepare for our upcoming move. 

Mike & Angel's Shark Tale

This is the trip that I am the most excited about. We are expanding to St. Louis on November 7th, so the management team of Michael Cosper, Adam Dorfman, and myself went to look at office spaces and housing for the team that is moving up there. We are very excited to be part of the team and part of all the growth we are experiencing as a company. We fell in love with the city immediately and, after meeting a few locals, we knew it was just the right place for us.

Angel & Mike - Turning into Locals in St. Louis
Once we located our future office and residence, we came back to Atlanta and got back to work. Two weeks later, I am writing this post from Phoenix Arizona. I have made some of my best friends working with DMC, and I came out to Phoenix to spend a week in one of our newest offices with managing partner Andres Campanucci just in time for his birthday.

Birthday Dinner with Andres

Night on the Town in Scottsdale

All this said, we are living the “Work Hard Play Hard” company motto – having a blast while growing and breaking records. I am thankful for the opportunity I was given to get to do all the things i get to do now. I know I could do a better job taking pictures, but check out the few that we posted here.  Thanks for giving me the forum to share my experiences. 
–Angel Jacome  

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